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Loyalty, selflessness, love, care and what not? These are all the qualities we need in our best friend. It’s no brainer that a man’s best friend is a dog. The bond shared with them is one of a kind, they aren’t just your friends they mean family.

Recently, I came across a client who was in search of an pet portrait artist who could do realistic paintings. He came across me on Yelp and wanted to see some portfolio work samples of mine. I received a few pictures of his pet Shih Tzu, but they couldn’t define his personality. I invited Mr. Dale (my client) to my studio along with his lovely pet for a session. I captured my sitter’s expressions,  persona, and grace by doing a personalized photoshoot.

How to make a realistic portrait?

A portrait is memorable when you add the essence of the subject to the piece of art. Uniqueness paired with realism is the perfect blend of art and memory. To achieve this blend, I inquired my client about his pet’s habits. Questions about eating habits, daily activities, favorite sitting spots, helped me learn more about the Shih Tzu.

While reaching the end of my queries, I knew exactly where to begin. Shih Tzu had gorgeous fine white and black hair; had a favorite sitting spot and a pillow which all contributed to adding finesse to the picture.

I made two rough sketches in about fifteen minutes, which exhibited my thought process. Mr. Dale’s pet sat on his favorite pillow near the fireplace in the portrait, as that was the favorite sitting spot. My client was satisfied that he would receive something unique and gave a thumbs up to the project.

Image1: Dog Portrait Painting

The Process of Dog Portrait Painting:

Materials Used:

My Customer was looking for someone who could work wonder with oil colors, so I worked this portrait in oil colors. It was a 10 by 12-inch size.

Uphills faced:

Firstly, I received the request during the festive season. If that season is Christmas, then the workload just shoots up to another level. I had issues managing my workload and time.

Secondly, the Shih Tzu was such a cute baby. He had perfect hair silky, smooth and shiny. Generally, drawing and painting curly or wavy hair is easy to that of finished cut straight hair.


Everyone has a way of doing things that make them stand out.

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