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Kids Art Event - SJ Art

SJ Art offers children (ages 6 upwards) freedom of creativity with tender guidance. They come up with their own ideas and are nudged in the right direction which will help them evolve in their own personalities and develop their creativity. The sessions emphasize on the creative exploration of the environment. The child discovers his / her imagination. A variety of media is used, namely, oil paints, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, collages, pencil charcoal and more. The child develops a strong self-concept and learns that his / her instincts have merit and value.

In our classes you will be exposed to new and unique art materials, as well as ideas and methods of fellow students. Rather than following a one size fits all method, we have the flexibility to see what excites our students, provide immediate feedback and modify the curriculum as it progresses. The class is structured to enrich the individual in a fun, relaxed non-pressure setting.