SJ Art Event 13.0.2019

Gold Foil Paint Night

Paint night is one of the best ways to unleash your inner Picasso. Painting is a great getaway. With every stroke of the brush across the canvas, you release out nervousness, negativity and anything else that is pulling you down. Art allows you to imbibe positivity into your life.

My motivation for Paint Night

My main motive to conduct Paint night was to build a community around art. With the help of this community, I want people to have a happier perspective towards life and art.

After shala camp, I had many adults come up to me requesting something similar for them. I was confused about whether to organize a boot camp, but then paint night seemed more like it.

Their requests boosted my moral to go forward and spread the love for art among people.

Why only Gold Foil?

Generally, acrylic colors are the easiest to work with during such short timespan. But, that would be something they could learn from anywhere. I wanted to take their skills a notch higher, that’s the reason I added gold foil to the picture. This technique was pretty new to them. At first, the ones who were beginners became quite nervous. But I assured them to the fullest, that this wouldn’t be a bumpy ride.

About the Event

We posted the event online on Thursday evening, within 24 hours we received an overwhelming response. We had limited seats for ten students, but overnight we received thirty-two signups. Doing an event on such a large scale would not have been possible, as it would have been a time-consuming process. However, we still accommodated twelve people.

The event was carried out in BoardWalk Clubhouse, on 13th April 2019.

Material Used

A good artist is deciphered by how well prepared they are. Before the event began, I was ready to say showtime. My setup was all ready to start.

I bought a 12X16 inch canvas and gold foil from Amazon. Whereas, the brushes and paints were from Walmart. Rest of the matt, paper cups, paint cups, plates, and color plates were from dollar tree.


We are glad about how the session went by. The energy in the room after the session end was something else. We are thrilled how art can spread glee. All we saw was happy faces everywhere. People came up to us they wanted to when the next Paint Night would be.

The thing that gave me immense joy was confessions. Some of the folks confessed their nervousness about being a beginner and hesitant towards this art form. My technique helped them overcome their fear and create something worthy of being in their display. I try my level best to teach things with utmost simplicity, and when it works there is no one happier than me.

Obstacles along the way

The session was scheduled to begin at 6:15 pm and end at 7:45 pm. But some people couldn’t make it on time, so we had a delayed start at 6:40 pm. Maybe it was the weekend that’s what caused the delay.

That day the sunset was scheduled for 8 pm. I didn’t expect the session would get this delayed. After 8 pm we had to use external lighting which was yellowish. Yellow light doesn’t let you see the exact color. There is no match for daylight, but in its absence, we prefer using white light.

Quick fix

We  managed to adjust the spotlight to get the desired lighting.

The second most challenging part was deciding the artform. My first choice was abstract. Abstract paintings are the most free form of expression. An abstract allows you to make something random out of colors. It gives you the freedom to express your emotions.

But, it is something the majority of us can do. I wanted to add something that requires skill and expertise. That’s where I ended up with Gold Foil.

My Learnings

Always expect the unexpected. I’ve learnt how to cope with pressure and delays better. In the end, it’s about what you have achieved and what you have learned. And all that ends well is well.

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