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Dennis Rae Fine Art Gallery: Review

This has been one of the most interesting journeys of my life in art as I got chance to exhibit beside the original artwork of great artist Dr. Seuss (I am sure everyone will be familiar with the iconic characters he have created) and Salvador Dali.

*put photos of Dr Seuss iconic characters and paintings

Image1: Art Piece inside gallery

About Dr.Seuss

His work evolved quickly to deft illustrations, modeled sculpture, and sophisticated oil paintings of elaborate imagination.

It was like dream come true, I had never imagined my work will be sitting next to these artists work.

Image2: Photo of fine art gallery


I am very much influenced by the people especially faces, cultures. When I was 12 year old I have created my 1st portrait since then I have always been working on mastering this. The motivation for this two work came from the groupmuse( a classical music house party company) and symphony show I went in NCPA(national center for performing art), Mumbai ( while I was on vacation.


So let me tell a short story about Groupmuse. Bringing chamber music back where it began: the living room. Professional classical musicians are playing intimate house shows all over the country.

Groupmuse is a platform enabling communities to come together around great classical music; an online social network that connects young classical musicians to local audiences through house parties. Anyone can attend, anyone can host. Hosts moderates the event by sharing it with friends and Groupmuse community in their living room or throughout the city.

It is like a combination of Airbnb and Meetup for classical music lovers.

I got introduced to it in General Assembly. Since then it has impacted me so much. Cello and violin is such a beautiful instruments. I read the history about it Many musicians and experts have claimed that, of all the instruments that make up an orchestra, the cello is the one that most closely sounds like the human voice. Also the very talented Cellist of groupmuse created beautiful classical musics of different countries (so different country uses different instrument) eg: sound of sitar. that was just magical. During that time I have landed Mumbai on 2nd of October. After a long 24 hr flight I was super tired. Nothing can be stress buster than art. As I love art, Bhaiya and bhabhi had given me small surprise and treat. They booked a symphony show in advance for that day, and we went together.  So I started drawing pictures in my mind that someday I would like to paint this.

And then after few days I came back to US. I was on my trip to Napa. I was carrying my sample artworks that day. As people had suggested to me that napa has very good art galleries. I went inside Dennis Rae fine art gallery and was already amazed by the artworks there. There was no coordinator there that time. Michael came out of the back door, he was the art collector for that gallery and I quickly started talking to him to understand what kind of painting he likes, what he want to see as next thing in the galery and Does he take commission order. As commission artist I showcased my few tribal artwork to him on phone. At first he was hesitant to see but when he saw the work, he got convinced to see the real works that I was carrying in my car that day. I went out to bring the work, and showed him. Our meeting went 45 min long. He said there is some client who want some painting like Singer sargent(work should be realistic oil painting) So by understanding the need of the client I was commissioned to do this artwork. Also got the publicity to showcase the artwork in such a big gallery.

Image3: Realistic Oil Painting- Commissioned Artwork

Material Used in the painting

  1. Oil color
  2. Windsor and newton liquin:
  3. color paint brush:

Time taken – 1 month for each painting


  • Oil color doesn’t dry quickly so have to wait a lot
  • I had to deliver the work within two months

Quick Tricks

Windsor and newton liquin is my fav medium to be added to oil color, not only it helps in creating the transparency effect but also it helps in dry little faster.

What I learned- I learned about the liquin (helped in achieving the goal) because of its benefits.

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