Shilpy Jain is a San Francisco Bay Area based artist who is the most versatile designer. Originally from India, Shilpy grew up continually drawing. Her fascination with aesthetic and perspective led her to become a student of visual art in ICG, Jaipur, India. She started her career as an artist, exhibiting five exhibitions in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India. Early on she established herself as a portrait painter specializing in classical realism. People recognized her talent with contemporary figurative art soon after she started combining her artworks with digital tools and screen printing. She started making customized portraits on Lamps. Her Buddha artwork on the lamp is still the most popular lamps in India for four years. Most recently her work is displayed in Dennis Rae Art Gallery in Napa Valley.

Shilpy Jain is a mix-media portrait artist combining different mediums like oil color, oil pastel, dry pastel, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, glass colors, mica etc. Her unique aesthetic sense of mixing mediums and creating unique effects has been one of her strengths for delivering something new and different which customers love about her. A customer comes with a photo, before making the portrait she analysis the person and portray them in a way that defines them. She even suggests work as per the home decor. Shilpy Jain has done paintings of families, individuals, couples, and pets. She is also the portrait artist for Bollywood celebrity Neil Nitin Mukesh, and her commissions have included landscapes and still lifes. Whether you are looking for a portrait, a cityscapes painting, landscapes, or figurative art, Shilpy Jain is a portrait painter for hire with fine art paintings for sale. Give someone unique gift to treasure for forever.