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It’s not everyday that you get a chance to make others live your dream. My dream from the start has been to paint the world happy. I recently got an opportunity to conduct a workshop on art in JCNC Temple, Milpitas. I shared my knowledge and some quick tricks with the kids.


JCNC conducts an annual shala day camp, helping the students imbibe art, science, technology and other skills in their daily lives. On 30th March 2019, the day camp begun around 10am and came to an end at 4pm.

I taught over 70 kids and many adults. JCNC provides an ocean of opportunities for young kids. Seeing a good number of strength, I decided to divide the group into two. The first group consisted of students from 6 years and older to eight years old. While, the second group consisted of kids nine years and older upto thirteen years old.

My main motto was to make this workshop memorable experience for the kids. As this workshop was the building block to their interest in art.

My workshop experience

I started settings up at 10 am, with the help of volunteers. I setup my easel, canvas, paints and brushes to be fully prepared. I put up with everything that a kid would need before they actually come in.

Group 1

Teaching young talent, is a task. I was always on the fro. This workshop was like a live demonstration of how to paint, using acrylic colors. I painted on my canvas a picture according to their age, considering the difficulty level wasn’t high. I taught them which colors to use, how to stroke on the canvas to get the desired effect. It was a great exercise, I would do something go around appreciate the quick learners, help those having difficulties and just keep an eagle eye on what everyone was actually doing.

I was worried about the outcome of the paintings, but the paintings lived up to my expectations. I was happy with the overall experience.

JCNC Art camp

Why choose acrylic colors?

I choose acrylic colors as the medium to paint as their consistency and texture can easily be controlled. Also, they dry very quickly as compared to oil Colors.

Group 2

The strength of this group was 35 students as well as many adults. This batch began around 2:00 pm and ended by 3:30 pm. I choose a painting which seemed to be difficult. But things are not always as they seem to be, if you know the right technique.

Firstly, I taught them make green colour by mixing the appropriate quantities of blue, white, yellow. At first it was an overwhelming scenario as no one could get it right. I went from easel to easel and that’s when we got back on track.

The kids painted the sky at first, moving on with background and in the end made the trees, using the greens they had made.

QuickTricks used to paint

Painting the tree is a simple technique of moving your brush in a to and fro manner.

I even incorporated stars to the night sky, which made the painting come to life. To add the stars the back tip of the brushes was used, so that we get apt size for them.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge was the time constraint. I had only one and hour to teach and get them to paint.

It’s not always easy learn how to paint and when it comes to kids it gets harder to make them follow you.

“Shilpy elevated our arts activity with excellent canvas creations. Managed through sessions calmly and patiently teaching Acrylic colored canvas painting to several students. During the day around 80 canvas creations were turned out. She is an excellent teacher and brought out the Picasso’s in everyone. Even a few volunteers could not resist picking up the brush and turning out a nice creation. Very fortunate to have such a great teacher.”

– Mitesh


But those are the moments which later on boost your moral and confidence.

The next challenge was to check upon the kids, whether they used the right kind of brushes. Is the color consistency correct?


‘I know happy, when I see happy.’ After the workshop was over I could see adrenaline rush in the kids running around with excitement. The kids were really happy with what they had painted.

I’m glad I instilled in them the interest of art.

All parents were really happy with the outcome of the workshop.

After the session they gathered around, appreciated the effortless in my style of painting and preaching. According to them my techniques were really to grasp.

I’m really happy with the outcome of this workshop.

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