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Family Portrait Painting: Theses are two kids of two real brothers

Familia is a bond developed by blood relations or heart connections. Family loves you unconditionally, empowers you, stands for you, and does so much more for you. Recently I encountered a joint family, who wanted me to sketch their kids. Siblings generally have inertia towards each other but seeing their family share the same connection is not a common site. My clients were brothers who had kids at the difference of a month. They wanted me to sketch down their kids in a single frame.

Motivation / Why?

My client came across my work at my gallery. On seeing my work they wanted to get it done for their babies right away. They gave me the freedom to choose a picture which I feel to be best.

Picture I choose: Family Portrait Poses

I asked my client to share some pictures, she sent me a couple of them. But I wasn’t satisfied with the images, so I asked her to send some more images. She sent me around 50 pictures.

Reason to choose this picture

  • My goal was to choose such a picture, in which I could work the face bigger than the body (As the artwork wasn’t big on size). Size of the current artwork was a little bigger than A4 sheet (2 inches wide and 3 inches broad to be precise). Making small faces on the small board would have not shown the sharp features.
  • Our eyes tend to observe the subject in the direction the subject is looking. When you look at the boy’s picture in the painting, he is looking towards his right side; even if his body is on another side. For the girl, it seems as if she is totally posing for the picture (that what girls love to). Showing these few gestures, I tried to portray the chemistry and characteristics. Also from the girl’s picture, you can see she is tilt to a little right, depicting the love and compassion between brother and sister.

Image1: Family Portrait Painting


This is the exact same technique and medium I used for Myra’s portrait. I didn’t need to experiment and work on something new as the client was looking for exactly the same kind of design.

The material used for kid Portrait Painting-

  1. Mdf board that I bought from Amazon. the thickness of the board was .06 inches


  1. Prisma color link


  1. For their names, I bought the Crafter’s Square Wooden Letters from Dollar Tree


  1. Frame(wooden frame) I bought that from Idea. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20266536/ (i bought the dark brown one )

Materials you shouldn’t buy:

I won’t recommend Heartybay Assorted Colored Pencils, I found them pencil online. The reason that I didn’t like these pencils is all the pencils have a grey color body. It is very difficult to find the right color while doing artwork. I will never buy this pencil just because of this reason, (attaching the link to let you guys know how it looks like:  https://www.amazon.ca/heartybay-Colored-Pencils-Drawing-Assorted/dp/B00WSQ4IYS )

The tip of the pencil is colored but I would like to see the color in full pencil to increase the visibility.

Challenges faced:

We all are identical? 5 unique features to your face.  

The biggest challenge I faced, was to make both the pictures perfect or both the portrait imperfect, just kidding.

I didn’t have the option to take a chance. Anyone who is a portrait artist knows, that it’s really difficult to define and create features of a face. Even a million minutest change in the stroke of the line can totally change the facial appearance.

Do you know how many people live on planet Earth? The population of Earth is 7.53 billion. Every individual has something common, they all look identical. But what makes them stand out? There are five unique features in your face that set you apart. Namely your two eyes, nose, lips, and jaw. This constrained creation by God is magical in itself. So, it becomes a challenge to replicate those expressions.

Accidentally done! And there’s no coming back..

I consider myself to be blessed, that I have an eye for those minor details and can draw the picture with ease, but again I’m not always perfect. I am human and I tend to make mistakes. When I started out sketching, I grew from my mistakes. Sometimes, even now I accidentally make mistakes and that’s what exactly happened while creating this portrait.

Abhiraj’s painting turned out to be perfectly fine, but Aarohi’s face didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

Sometimes when we work very hard on a portrait, and continuously keep on working on it, we become immune to seeing our own mistakes.

Aarohi was no more looking cute and innocent in the painting. She looked older than her age, her expression was all mature. It was a major setback for me, knowing once what is done with the pencil is done. I couldn’t redo the face, except for a few minor tweaks.

Errors while making portraits? Here’s how you can save yourself!

Generally, oil color is the most forgiving medium. It is the best medium for portraits, you can make hundreds of mistakes while working, yet you can redo it over and over again. The only thing is you need to have patience and wait till it dries.

Another medium that’s forgiving for portraits is acrylic paints. But there is so many quality in acrylic paint that one needs to experiment and discover the texture.

There is one problem using acrylic paint for portraits though. Even if you use the softest brush to paint will these you will still have little brush stroke visible. That’s totally my observation, it varies from artist to artist. Everyone eventually becomes comfortable in some or other way. So I recommend, to test the water for different colors and keep exploring.

Color Combinations:

I chose a turquoise blue color for Abhiraj as his eyes are of bluish green color, to compliment him. I really loved the pink lehariya stole draped by cutie Aarohi. Lehariya stole is a symbol of the Indian culture, I witnessed the essence of Indian culture and wanted to give them something that they could relate to and remember.

Time taken to complete the Art-

It took me approximately 22 hours to complete.

Image2: Kid Portrait Painting

Image3: Wall Art

The reaction of the parents– They were extremely delighted and said they will place the painting in the most popular and common area of the living room.

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